MRCP Part 1 - 7 Steps to pass your exam

1. Can you sit MRCP Part 1?

Guidelines set out by the Royal College of Physicians stipulates that every candidate wanting to sit for the exam must hold a medical qualification recognised by the Royal Colleges of Physicians. Candidates will not be admitted to the exam before the expiry of 18 months from the date of graduation given on their diploma of medical qualification.It is assumed that all candidates will have spent six months as a house physician or in another post involving the care of emergency medical patients, either adults or children. In the United Kingdom this is a prerequisite to obtaining full registration with the General Medical Council. If this is not the case, an additional six months should be spent in such a post. View the MRCP Part 1 examination centres outside of the UK.

2. Selecting an exam date!

Now that you know if you are eligible to sit the exam you can select an examination date preferably 3 - 6 months away depending on how your current work schedule, the next MRCP Part 1 exam is Days remaining. By committing to an exam date, paying for it, you have a measurable goal which you can work towards. Don't procrastinate!

3. Get familiar with the Syllabus

The best way to prepare for the MRCP Part 1 exam is have a structured study plan. Once you have the outline of the syllabus you can identify and then allocate different amounts of time and effort on specialties requiring more study.

4. Focal/Core Text

Even with online resources and revision questions the bulk of the theory for your studying for the MRCP Part 1 exam will be sourced from a text book. There are various textbooks which can be bought brand new or second hand on eBay or Amazon. There are numerous MRCP Part 1 text books on the market

5. Group discussion/study

By working in groups, ideas are shared, problem questions are discussed. In preparing for the exam many candidates do become stressed as they have to often cope with outside factors such as busy work schedules. Forums and Blogs are a good mechanism to channel positive motivation and learning. Why not try a forum and you might meet other students who have the same questions as you.

6. Practice, Practice and more Practice

Anyone who has taken the MRCP Part 1 exam and was successful will tell you that the key the passing your exam is practice, practice and more practice. Multiple choice questions and Best of fives' are a good way to get you into the rhythm of answering questions. Try these Free Demo MRCP Part 1 Questions and see how you get on.

7. Time yourself

Time yourself doing an exam. The best way to simulate actual exam conditions is to do under time constraints. Try a Free MRCP Part 1 Mini Mock Exam which is timed to give you the effect sitting a real exam. | | | | | | | | | | | | Grand Rounds