General Journals

Below is a list of online and hardcopy journals MRCP Part which have been reviewed and compiled for your use. All recommended journals are peer-reviewed, ensuring your resources contain the best medical opinions.

Foundation Years Journal

This is the ONLY journal for Foundation Years doctors and educators, specifically written according to the MMC curriculum. Each issue provides comprehensive clinical cases for trainees as well as practical teaching assessments for educators. Readers will benefit from:

  • MMC CURRICULAR BASED CONTENT to enhance understanding of the core competencies required from future leading doctors
  • FOCUS ON TWO SPECIALTY-SPECIFIC CLINICAL CASES each month to for broad subject coverage
  • ADDITIONAL INDEPTH good clinical and acute care articles aligned with the CBD assessments
  • TRAINING GUIDE FOR FY EDUCATORS with proposed clinical cases for teaching sessions
  • PRACTICAL AND INFORMATIVE articles written by senior doctors and consultants
  • EXTRA REVISION with comprehensive assessment questions. The answers will be published in the next issue, but 123Doc will advance answers to clinical tutor subscribers so they can engage their students in the learning process.

The Lancet:

The Lancet is an independent journal, which is not affiliated to any specific medical or scientific organisation. For 180 years later, The Lancet has been an authoritative voice in global medicine. The journal ensures that research and analysis from all regions of the world is widely covered and publishes high-quality clinical trials that alter medical practice. Their comment and correspondence sections makes an excellent appraisal for research and reviews.

Medicine Journal:

For the physician in training this journalís comprehensive and systematic coverage makes it particularly useful. Both Specialist physicians and GPís will find it an indispensable source of reading and reference. Undergraduates will find much value in each issue. Designed for easy reading and fast assimilation of information, the Medicine Journal will quickly establish itself as a trusted cornerstone of your reference library. | | | | | | | | | | | | Grand Rounds