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MRCP Part 1. com will to bring you all the latest medical related news. We will keep you informed about changes to the MRCP Part 1 exam endeavour and regulations as well as bringing news on the issues and events that are changing the face of the health care profession and medicine at large.

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The Foundation Years Journal is giving physicians an opportunity to publish their medical articles. All submissions will peer reviewed by the Managing Editor by a team of leading MRCP medical experts. Accepted entries will be notified by email. For more information email the MRCP Part 1 team.

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We at MRCP are undertaking research on how MRCP Part 1 and 2 online course providers can improve their content and services. If you have subscribed to an online course(s) we would be interested in hearing your experiences about what you found useful, what you didnít find useful, how could the course be improved, how do the different providers compare to one another. Please email all details to the MRCP team. 3 entries will be selected to win a 6 month subscription to the Foundation Years Journal. | | | | | | | | | | | | Grand Rounds